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  1. I have kind of achieved it. https://codepen.io/sonawaneapekshit/pen/rNdjLVd
  2. @CassieI have updated the code but the pin should start once the text has shrunk and the pinned image should be over the shrunken text.
  3. @GSAP Helper I am really thankful for your help. Reference link: https://www.apple.com/in/imac-24/ Something similar like this section I want to achieve animation similar to this section. but my pinned image moving with scroll and i am stuck and don't know how to proceed Can you provide me with guidance for achieving this animation effect? Thank you so much for your guidance help.
  4. Hi, I need help with animation on scroll to shrink title text on scroll and pin image over the title once text has shrunk. https://codepen.io/sonawaneapekshit/pen/JjLbwmW the client has provided apple mac site as reference Frame 1 frame 2 frame 3 frame 4 ***please ignore created images using windows paint application***