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  1. Hi, I see a few things. You're loading gsap 3, TweenMax and TimelineMax, but all you need is gsap 3, which includes a timeline. You don't need both image tags and background images for the same image. Since you're using background images, set the css for those to background-size:cover and then scale the div. The point of using a timeline is that you don't need to use delays, you can just use the position parameter - https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/Timeline Let me know if you're still stuck and I can make some edits for you.
  2. DrawSVG is for animating strokes, but strokes don't work as masks. You'll need to animate a clipping path or mask. I recommend Cassies tutorial: https://www.cassie.codes/posts/creating-my-logo-animation/
  3. Putting your timeline inside an RAF means that it's recreated on each frame. Is this more what you're trying to get? https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/mdLoJQR?editors=1111
  4. It seem to be working correctly. The animation starts at 1 second and seems to synch if you scrub or play the video. Did you fix it, or is there something I'm missing?
  5. Yes you can make an array like that, if you need one, and loop over it with a tween in a function. But you can also just do the timeline without making an array. GSAP will find each element of that class name.
  6. How about stringing two tweens together, like this? https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/ZEoVPPL
  7. I would make an array of the elements, then loop through and tween the ones that aren't empty, like this: https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/zYjyyVy?editors=1111
  8. The mouse event isn't getting through to the primary logo because the secondaryLogo is in the way. If you put the event listener on secondaryLogo, it works.
  9. If you mean the mask is moving too slowly, then you could specify a shorter duration for your tweens, like gsap.to($middlemask, { x: e.clientX, y: e.clientY, duration:0.2 }); - it's just using the default 0.5 right now. But maybe that's not what you mean?
  10. Hi Adel, I put your code into a pen: https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/yLKNNYW?editors=1111 I changed the timeline to repeat once, instead of using the 'restart' command. I think that will work better for playing your animation twice. good luck
  11. I realize it's hard to help with a bug that I can't reproduce on Codepen, but allow me to talk to myself for a minute. I think FF is just chugging a bit. It's slow to turn the opacity on and off when swapping sprite sheets, in the context of a busy page. I can fix the problem by showing the new sprite .05 seconds sooner than I hide the old one. The problem is that you can glimpse the overlapping frame in other browsers. I'll keep working on it and report back if I find a solution. My ideas include forcing the GPU to get involved, changing the timescale, doubling the last frame in each 18-frame sprite... or detecting FF and skipping the animation for those users. Let me know if you have ideas, too. thanks
  12. Well I made a Codepen, but I don't see the flicker here. Maybe this will help me figure it out... but it seems like it might take me a while to crack this one... https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/dyJRmbg
  13. Maybe someone knows why my spritesheets animate fine in Chrome, Edge, Safari - but in Firefox they give a little blank flash when switching to the next spritesheet? I'm using GSAP with stepped ease to animate nine spritesheets, each with 18 frames, one after the other. They're 8192px wide and move horizontally by 442px per frame. If I slow the animation down to one frame per second, you can still see a blank flash on Firefox when going from one spritesheet to another. The flash is only for a brief few milliseconds. In my timeline, when one spritesheet's tween finishes, I set its autoAlpha to 0, and the next one to 1. This seems to be when the flash happens. I'll work on a Codepen example, and see whether it still happens there. thanks
  14. I did banners for years using both gsap and Animate, but didn't often use them together. You don't want to try moving the same things with both at once -- they won't cooperate. The timeline in Animate is good for character animation, keyframe drawings and complex masking. Gsap is good for smooth easing, transitions and scripted effects. As Carl mentioned, Animate has its own library, CreateJS. You can do scripted animations using that, since it's already loaded in Animate. It's not as much fun as gsap though.
  15. You could add a css rule to hide the text until javascript can reveal it, like this: https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/WNdezBW