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  1. Hi, here are two - https://jbradleyjohnson.net/work/hemlibra300x600/index.html and https://jbradleyjohnson.net/work/ocrev300x600_seemore/index.html
  2. When I built pharma banners, if they were done with Animate I avoided gsap, and used create.js tweens instead, since that's what Animate is already loading. The scrolling ISI would be html, in its own div, above the canvas. Ideally that would use system fonts, but more often, we had to have brand fonts with specific weights and sizes determined not by the design team, but by the legal department. So we would make the text an image. Are you trying to animate the isi scroller?
  3. I did banners for a long time, starting with Flash and continuing into the HTML5 days. I would say, "I can't build these without specs" and the project manager would find an outdated spec sheet for me. Most likely, your ads will run on Google. Could also be Sizmek, or Flashtalking, or site-served if it's a special placement. Not huge differences, aside from where you download libraries, and maybe different click tags. Sizmek might have changed after Amazon bought them. good luck!
  4. This is an interesting topic for me too. I think the idea is that as long as your library is coming from the same CDN as the rest of your ad, then it's likely to already be cached on most clients. Due to "cache partitioning" on some browsers, there's no caching benefit from other domains, so you wouldn't be able to load from cdnjs or whatever without downloading a fresh instance every time. You should be getting specs from the publishers that you're building your banners for, that will give you file size limits and 3rd party library rules.
  5. If you're not doing ad tracking, you can just wrap your arrow with a regular anchor tag in the html. No jquery needed.
  6. The design is rough, so the little problems in the animation don't seem so noticeable. You could try out some different eases - https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Eases . Maybe the jerk in the motion is because the pixel values in your fromTo don't start over at the same place they end.
  7. Hi, My guess is that you want a sheen going over just the rectangles, or maybe the logo. You could do that a few ways, like have the blue background actually be a foreground element (any transparent format like gif, png, svg), with the shapes cut out, then the animation would go behind it. Or try a diagonal shape behind an actual mask. For the button, check the clickTag specs for your ad network. For example, Google's: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/7046799?hl=en Be patient, work on one part at a time, and try to be more specific with what you're trying to do.
  8. Yes, 2x images work in Animate for achieving clarity on high-density screens. Place large images in your Animate file, scale them down in Animate, and use more compression to come out with roughly the same file size.
  9. Your link shows a video, which of course is more than 150k. I'm assuming you'll be delivering HTML. The file size of GSAP isn't an issue for most ad networks if you use their CDN to load it, so you might as well use the latest and full version of gsap 3. The idea is that it will already be cached for most users, so it doesn't count against your total file size. Check the specs for the ad network you're using. For instance, here are Google Studio's CDN links: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288
  10. Hard to tell without more specifics. The adhelper template isn't likely to be causing your problem unless it's been filled in wrong. Do you see any errors in your browser's console window? Is there a script in your Animate file that's trying to load something? My guess is that there's a broken file path somewhere.
  11. Safari is caching the text as a bitmap to animate, to save on CPU effort. If that bitmap contains the info of the large size, it will look sharp as it scales. So, take the big version, shrink it to start, and scale back up: https://codepen.io/geedix/pen/MWyMNGz
  12. I specialized in banner production for many years, but it seems like that work has been automated or off-shored to the point that it no longer exists in the USA.
  13. What do you use to play a swf file on Android? To my knowledge, the format isn't supported. Certainly not for ad banners, at this date.
  14. This probably isn't helpful, but can't you drop support for iOS8? Apple did. This article says Jan. 2017 is the right time to drop iOS8 support - https://medium.com/@peter.lafferty/when-to-drop-ios-8-b2bd1edd3e91
  15. This would be doable in many ways. I don't see why you would need DrawSVG for the example you posted. It could be a simple linear tween in Animate, or with GSAP, or with GSAP in Animate. One possible issue to consider, if you do want to use DrawSVG in a banner, is that unlike the core GSAP library, this plugin won't already be hosted on the ad server's CDN. You would have to include it and the file size would count against you.