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  1. Thanks for the response and the pointers. I apologize for the missing assets, I was sure i'd taken care of that. I appreciate the information and will more closely read the guidelines in order to use these forums for what they're intended for, Thanks again,
  2. Hello, I have create an image sequence that users interact with using Draggable. The sequence is supposed to 'snap' to certain frames and I've written a function to do that. The problem I've encountered is that the cursor position is no longer accurate after the 'snap' occurs. If a user clicks and drags the image sequence and releases the click, the image sequence moves through the appropriate images to the destination slide. When the user then clicks and drags again, the image sequence 'jumps' to a slide number of slides away - which isn't smooth. I'm wondering if I've missed some way of resetting a cursor position variable, or if i even need to do this in this manner. Any suggestions or pointers are welcome, thanks.