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  1. @PointC thank you so much for clarification and your help!
  2. We multiply by 3, because we want to show 3 items in a time. Sorry for not thinking
  3. Hi, @PointC ! Your solution is much easier and works like a charm! Thank you so much! Maybe you have time to clarify 2 things, i don't quiet understand in your code. Why you disable warnings in tis line gsap.config({ trialWarn: false }); And this line, why multiple by 3? let newHeight = targets[0].offsetHeight * 3;
  4. That's what i'm trying to achieve Screen Recording 2022-06-15 at 22.26.06.mov
  5. Hello there! I'm open to any suggestions, how to improve this list animation. I'm trying to create list animation. When we scroll to .target section, scroll stops, and then next animation starting. All good so far. But the list animation is not correct. It's should be visible 3 items in a time, and the middle one is highlighted. But i've got some bugs with it. I will be grateful for any help.