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  1. wowza that looks good I will be working on that asap!
  2. I am trying to replicate the second section here: https://www.apple.com/iphone-13-pro/?afid=p238|sRlDhqox3-dc_mtid_20925d2q39172_pcrid_588006467683_pgrid_126654824109_&cid=wwa-us-kwgo-iphone--slid---Brand-iPhone13ProMax-avail-
  3. That might help but I want the text broken up into sentences not each line. Not sure if that solves what I am looking for? The sentences are on the same line. Thank you.
  4. I am getting the sentences to change color, but I want only one sentence changed at one time, but since they are on the same line the start and end is at the same point. I am a newbie to js and gsap. https://codepen.io/jessicauresti-the-selector/pen/dydaWJz. Can anyone provide assistance?