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  1. Thanks for the quick reply I've done a few more tests, and it looks like it was caused by my coding, not TweenMax. I was using a tween to centre on the vehicle before it starts moving, and setting up a tween to get the stage to track with the vehicle. For some reason the tracking value was overriding the vehicle value. This always a little bit less to give it time to move the stage before the vehicle started moving. Anyway, I've set up a function to run when the tween completes and it's now showing to within 0.04 seconds which sounds about right I think.
  2. Hi All, I'm creating a game and I'm having some issues with timing accuracy of TweenMax. Basically, I have a vehicle moving between two points using the following code: vehicleTweener = new TweenMax(vehicleMovieClip, moveData['journeyTime'], {x:goTo['x'], y:goTo['y'], ease:Linear.easeNone, onComplete:checkForArrival}); moveData['journeyTime'] is in seconds, and I've turned off easing. The vehicle moves and arrives where it should, so no issues there. However, I'm having some issues with the accuracy of the tween. It seems to be moving a little too fast as it will usually arrive about half a second before it should. Whilst that doesn't sound like a big deal, as the vehicle moves from point to point this inaccuracy starts to add up. Just wondering if there's a simple fix to this? I know timers are a tricky topic, but I was kinda hoping I could get away without having to come back to the server too often to check/validate vehicle position. Thanks in advance...