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  1. @Cassie aaah omg it was so obvious. Yes, everything's worked! Thank oyu.
  2. Hey @Cassie @iDad5 doing a scrolltrigger.refresh, but body's height (which is initially given from smoother I believe) doesn't update. Here's the codepen https://codepen.io/gesjaa/pen/poLWVrE?editors=1111 (refresh code - on line 61) Reproduce: 1/scroll to the footer. See where's (END) 2/ Then close the accordion on the top 3/ End is not on the bottom anymore.. Same if it was closed -> open Triggers might be updated, but not the body height which is coming from smoother I guess.
  3. Hi! Same issue here, so it's not about ScrollTriggers issue. ScrollSmoother calculating the page's height (to transform it later) at the page-load. But if you change height of childs after - the page is getting cutted at the bottom, because it wasn't recalculated. Is there any method like: smoother.refresh() Currently smoother is refreshing at window-resize. Mb there is a way to force-trigger that
  4. I want to fake it by animating x, as you can see in the demo, x value is calculated correctly, titles are stopping exactly at the end of sections. But the problem here are start and end properties. Also for the second section I can't just use ".horizontal-scroll" trigger with this start value (which is correct to me) because it's not getting triggered.
  5. Hi, guys! I'm trying to achieve pinning bottom title of each section in horizontal scroll until section rich screen right side. Can't calculate correct end value for first section title and start/end for second section title.