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  1. Hi @mvaneijgen thanks a lot!!! I didn't know the "curviness" exist! Regards Tony
  2. Hi GreenSock sorry if i'm not clear enough the pink ball jumping animation is not curvy. let me draw the example: And the one I want to achieve is the curvy jumping path, like real jumping ball: Hope I elaborate my question
  3. Hi GreenSock devs, I wonder how to simulate jumping from the left to right, not just up-down. I achieve it using MotionPath plugin, but seems like it's not jumping in curve/curly, but like moving 1 point to 1 point. Could anyone please help with this? thanks in advance! Regards, Tony
  4. Hi GreenSock, Thanks for taking time to answer my question. I think I will explore another UX which easier to implement. Have a good day!
  5. We need to slow down a scroll speed at certain sections, because we highly recommend the user to stop a while read a text and press a button. I'm curious is it possible? because I can't find an example for this problem yet. OR alternatively if we can block the user from scroll at certain section, it would be a better solution, but I just wonder if it possible, but I can't image if it's possible. Thanks and regards, Tony
  6. @Cassie@GreenSock Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for all your help, the code you provided really a great help!!
  7. @Cassie No worries! just tried your demo, after I clicked on "add", the scroll not working anymore and there was an empty space on the right side, I'm not sure what is that. I also tried it on the incognito mode just in case, does it also happen to you?
  8. hi @Cassie Thanks, seems like ScrollTrigger.refresh does something, but it's also adding empty space after the sections. I also tried to update the width of the container, but I think it's overridden every time I did scrolling, could you please help? I updated the code as well. Regards, Tony
  9. Dear GSAP devs, I want to add a new section on horizontal scroll, is it possible? The main goal is to allow the user to scroll to next section after clicking a button. Regards, Tony