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Du Internet Speed Test - How Fast is Your Connection?


Internet speed can be crucial when it comes to things like streaming, downloading, and gaming online. If you’re having issues with your internet connection speed, you may want to try running a test to see how fast or slow your connection actually is. You can find out by using du internet speed test’s free tool, which will help you determine if you’re experiencing slowdowns or upload/download speeds that are much slower than advertised by your provider (also known as bandwidth throttling).



Looking for a broadband connection that’s superfast and will allow you to enjoy your favorite HD shows and movies at full speed, without buffering or streaming interruptions? You might want to try TELUS. At TELUS, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, consistent service with up to 1Gbps download speeds on our fibre-to-the-home network—that’s 50 times faster than other service providers in Canada! To put it simply: don’t settle for slow.



The term ultrafast gets thrown around a lot, but it doesn’t refer to as much of a broadband speed as you might think. A cable connection that offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps (that’s megabits per second) or more may qualify as ultrafast. Some providers even offer connections with lightening-fast speed ratings of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) or higher — about 10 times faster than 100 Mbps.


Very fast

If you get results between 10 and 15 MBps (megabytes per second), then you are probably on a high-speed connection. Though it depends on where in your country or city you’re located, these types of connections can be quite expensive and hard to come by. However, if your employer foots the bill for your internet, lucky you! If not, make sure to call around to find other options for internet services at a faster speed.


Pretty fast

At an average speed of 8.61 Mbps, you’re getting more than most people in Canada. Congratulations! If you live in a rural area, there are things you can do to boost your speed, but it looks like you’re in good shape. Give it up for rural fibre optic technology! If you are curious about what kind of speeds your neighbourhood can expect, check out some of our other infographics on urban and rural internet connections.


Average speed

2.92 Mbit/s Download speed: 1.74 Mbit/s Upload speed: 1.65 Mbit/s


Slow internet speed

Make sure your computer, Wi-Fi connection and modem are up to date with software patches, so you’re not plagued by any lag. Check for any hardware issues as well. If everything seems in working order, there could be an issue with your internet provider or network. Contact them directly to see if there’s a problem that can be fixed remotely or if you’ll need to schedule an appointment. If all else fails, it might be time to consider switching providers.


Very slow connection

If your connection speed is far below your internet service provider’s (ISP) advertised average speeds, there are a few possible solutions. The first solution to try with a slow connection speed is to check your internet settings. To do so, open Control Panel in Windows and select Network and Sharing Center. Then click on Change adapter settings located under Network and Sharing Center. This will show you what type of connections are available to you.

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