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  1. Just to close the loop on this: installing Flash CS6 and compiling to SWF version 9 did the trick! Thanks again Carl.
  2. Thank you for looking at this Carl, I do appreciate it. I will try the CS6 route next.
  3. You can grab the actual file here. I am not explicitly using Vector. Any guidance would be very much appreciated!
  4. It seems that several ad networks require SWF in version 10.1. Apparently some analysis tool they use erroneously states SWFs published as 10.3+ as version 12. Then they deny these files on their network. Yay. First I used this hack to allow Flash Pro CC to output 10.1. I am using AS3 & Timelinelite. When attempting to publish I get this error: 1172: Definition __AS3__.vec.Vector could not be found. Is there an earlier version of GSAP available to download (say v11) or am I forced to recreate these using AS2?
  5. Thanks for the quick replies! I attempted several methods of extracting the vector data, here's one in particular that looked good: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1836758/flash-how-to-read-data-from-shape-graphics-object In the end I just used the old fashioned method. Next time I will draw the paths programmatically.
  6. Warning: n00b question! I'd like to use TimelineMax to animate clips along other clips. The examples I can find using MotionPath all utilize generated paths vs. hand drawn paths. Can I simply designate hand drawn paths (which are mc's) using MotionPath?