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  1. Thanks for your time. It was a bug with the compiler. For some reason the compiled development code was hoisting something that really shouldn't have been hoisted. (a named arrow func). Then in production the engine was hitting the error. Very difficult to track down lol. Thanks again for your swift reply, I will always recommend gsap for it's quality, excellent docs and even better community of maintainers!
  2. Hi all! I'm working on a preact site using gsap for a variety of animations and transitions. I implemented a cursor "follower" recently and when I added it to the production site I got a "GSAP Target null not found". I am initializing the ref to Null so it appears as though something is working with ref.current before it's in the DOM. I have been checking to make sure that the element is in the DOM before triggering any effects with GSAP, just to make that clear off the bat. What is odd is that I don't get the error when running in development. This is preventing the execution of all tweens on the page. I go to remove the new component, only to find that it appears all the tweens are now broken. Any ideas?