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    SplitText ex?

    Hi, I just signed up for the club again. I'm trying to use SplitText of #code1 ( https://github.com/shawea/blueGrass/blob/master/pri/aCDN/view/Why.html ) using this code ( line 23 https://github.com/shawea/blueGrass/blob/master/pri/aCDN/app/App.js ) When I don't split, the text shows. When I do split, it goes to one line or something, can't be seen. Is there example split text? tia,
  2. Hi, sorry to spam. But I'm flying in to do 2 meet ups in NYC this week: one on high level overview of Cloud API to talk about our corp, and second to teach a class on how to create stunning UI. Yes, in the UI class we greensock! (Also using a Cloud API helps you focus on UI). Cloud API meetup: http://www.meetup.com/primusapimeetups/events/131572922/ will cover http://s.primusapi.com/ver0613/views/tutorials2.html UI Class: http://www.meetup.com/primusapimeetups/events/131574122/ will touch on https://github.com/shawea/blueGrass register here by Wed - http://nyprimusux.eventbrite.com
  3. Hi Jack, For years I looked at this in .as and never dove in, but now in just signed up corporate just so I can use .js version (not interested in flash no more). I need help w/ cubic css3 transform, possibly some consulting for the ticket. When I say cubic, here is an example: <click cubic> http://moobilejs.com/demos/latest/moobile-simulator/index.html He does this w/ very complex css3 and I can't follow, and he does it for the entire page and I just need the form to 'cubic'. Here is his css3: https://github.com/jpdery/moobile-core/tree/master/Styles Can I get some help to get a simple version that just does a 'cubic' of a form? So I can go next, next, next for 15 steps on mobile. thx, Vic