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themepunch last won the day on January 31

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themepunch last won the day on January 31

themepunch had the most liked content!

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  1. True story ! Wrong Alarm ! Sorry for the wrong feedback. Indeed it is working fine. Seems that in our script somewhere the dynamic object converted to an array which as second parameter in gsap.set was accepted in GSAP3.1.1 but not any more in GSAP3.2.0 However this is a failure our side, so please ignore it. The Fix for the Pan Zoom is brilliant and works now like a charm. Any other issues i will report if i see. Thanks a lot guys for the extrem quick answer again ! You are simple the best !
  2. The Pan Zoom effect is better, however we have other issues now. i.e. backgroundImage is not any more respected as attribute. gsap.set('element',{backgroundImage:"url(yourimage.png)"}) will produce an: Invalid property backgroundImage set to ... This was not a problem in gsap 3.1.1. Is this maybe because of the Beta version ? Should i report other issues i find with this beta version, or should i wait for the official update ?
  3. Hi Guys. We got some feedback from our customers that some of our Pan Zoom effect become very laggy, jerky since we updated to gsap3 from tweenmax 1.18.3. I put an example together which shows clearly the situation. (In the real life example is much more complex) so i tried to build up similar structure like in our plugin. TweenMax 1.18.3 example: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/WNvGZXj GSAP3 example : https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/vYOXJrQ It is extrem if you scale on transform origin left/top or right/bottom. You can check how the pixels are "jumping" on gsap3 and how smooth it is on TweenMax. Maybe i just missing something , or is there any idea what goes wrong? Thanks a lot guys and really appreciate all your effort, help and hard work !
  4. Hi Zach, thank you for your update. It is 100% NOT GreenSock since the issue can be reproduced also with pure css after scrolling. Tried almost all known tricks (just like you mentioned above.) Issue could be reproduced on the last few Chrome versions also. Will report it to the Google Devs, hopefully get some reaction there. Unfortunately I get used on the brilliant Service here since we are blessed with your Answering times ! You guys just amazing quick, guess Google Devs will take a bit longer
  5. Hi guys ! This is may not GreenSock related but you still have an idea why it happens. A big amount of users reporting on windows Google Chrome (version 79.0.3945.130 i.e. but many different version) a rendering issue which i tried to "simplify" in the demo above. If you resize the window / scroll on the preview you will see a thin line like shown here on bottom-line.png. This happens only on Windows. If we disable GreenSock animation, it does not show up, however i am still not sure that it has anything to do with GreenSock as i mentioned above. Funny enough this can not be reproduced on Linux and Unix based Chrome Browsers, only on Windows. Anybody a good idea how to avoid this ? (Small Update: Please note that this example simplified, 3D transforms and also more than one content withinthe pngcube wrap can exists, means using force3D false and or setting blur on content inside may help but will not help in real life environment). ps.: And sorry if this is not well addressed in this forum, please free remove it in that case ?
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback! Really appreciate it ! I have a good idea now how to include quickSetter() into the pen. Also curious how it will handle the easing in the setter, and how far we can "feel" the difference. I love greensock ! Thanks for your hard work guys !
  7. Just added Flattering Wings, Red Eyes when you fly closer to the Guy and blinking eyes for the fly using following smart GreenSock Features: To calculate the distance between two objects: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/HelperFunctions and https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/MotionPathPlugin To get Number between a range from 0-1: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/UtilityMethods/normalize() and to random blink the eyes: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/gsap.delayedCall() Looks more fun now. Btw. Zach. thanks again for your inputs, here is the Result: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/BaygzQV Cheers and Happy Weekend !
  8. Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate the details about quickSetters ! Will give a go for it in my live project. And also i revisit the pin soon to add some more effects to it. Love your ideas !
  9. Hi Sketchin, you could use i.e. timeline for this. Would it be a solution for you ? The last parameter inserts the tween at 1 which will be respected every time you restart the timeline. var toggle = document.getElementById('toggle') toggle.addEventListener('click', toggleHandler, false) var tl = gsap.timeline({paused:true}); tl.fromTo('#square', 1, { x: 0,}, { x: 500 },1); var state = true; function toggleHandler() { if (state) { tl.play() } else { tl.reverse() } // Update state state = !state }
  10. Hey, just wanted to share a small fun pin i made today morning with you guys.. Greensock rocks things, and make so easy and smooth the animation, so you can focus on he rest of the codes always, and let Gsap do what he can best. Btw. i read about the pipe() and gsap.quickSetter() which maybe would make things even more smooth here ? Do you think it would make a big different? Feel free to use this and or give feedback if you think things could be done better, smoother, cooler ! Thanks and Happy Tweening to you all !
  11. Hey Zach ! Thank you. Really appreciate your quick answer. Will update my scripts. Cheers and have a great Thursday evening !
  12. Sorry if this question has beed asked earlier and/or if i oversee some basic thing here. If you take a look on the example here: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/RwNzbPN You can see that the transform attribute set by css style of the "object" has been extended by the gsap set function from translate(-50%, -50%) to translate(-50%, -50%) translate(50,0) Is this the way it should work from now on in gsap3x or it is a bug ? Thanks in advance and cheers !
  13. Thank you Jack ! Just seen the update and it works perfect now ! You guys are faster than a speeding bullet !
  14. Lovely ! Somehow i overseen that page ! Great solutions i can see there ! Thank you and have a great Weekend !
  15. Yeah, it costs 0.002ms per Tween. We have customers with over 250+ elements tweened dynamically. Even if it does not feel like a significant cost, I think a solution in core will be the better variant. Thanks again, i added the current workaround until the fix is released. Cheers and happy weekend !