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  1. Yeah, i understand you with gsap. Sorry to put it on the wrong path. I really appreciate your help and effort here ! The willChange:transform fix for chrome on Mac and PC but still jittery on Firefox 76.0.1 Windows 8.1 i.e. Just changed it here: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/dyYQGLO I think i will check if the customer(s) use any rotation or perspective in their current ainimation step, and if not, i put a perspective on it during animation and remove it afterwards. That will do a trick for all browsers. Thank you again for your patience and feedback. Cheers Krisztian
  2. Hi Jack, Thank you for your answer ! I tested this with different GreenSock versions and i forget to put to the latest version in my example. Unfortunately the latest version available at your site is shows the same issue. I tried with force3d which did not help (or at least i could not fix with it) neither the willChange "transform" did the trick for me. The only solution i could find so far is to add any perspective to the parent container. Which is not possible if customers want to use isometric rotations (where still no gpu used to render :() . Small smooth animations with scales get extrem jittery, which is for us a big problem right now. i would be thankful for any further ideas, tips, hints ? Thank you for your patience, Krisztian
  3. Hi Guys ! Hope you are all alright nowdays ! I made for you two example. 1st is a simple css scale animation you can see here (smooth Scale animation): https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/YzyRqdv The 2nd example is animated with gsap which you can see here: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/dyYQGLO The animation with gsap looks only good if i set any perspective on wrapper container. (which i dont want to since text gets blurry, and also isometric sessions can not be build). However i added a button to see the difference with and without perspective. We had a similar issue earlier where images get shaky in new gsap engine on scale animations. You fixed it by rounding divisions on a deeper subvalue. (Maybe you can remember on my PanZoom issue). Not sure if the things have to do anything with each other, thought maybe i can note it. Anyway, it would be fantastic if you could give me a solution why things so jittery / shaky with gsap scale animation. Thanks a lot for your help and hope you can help me with this ! Cheers, Krisztian from ThemePunch
  4. Hi Jack. Indeed i thought also years that the Safari implement this correct, until i learned that in different transform-style containers the elements should behave like they dont know about the other containers, and there only the z-index should be respected. Lets say you use two "canvas" and on both you draw a 3d image. This should be possible, and this is why the preserve-3d / flat transform styles are there. isnt it- In this case all other browsers render well except Safari. What do you think ?
  5. Guys, never mind ! Seems that the Lag comes due the attributes i "animating". Layout/Reflow will be forced if we set following CSS Attributes: https://gist.github.com/paulirish/5d52fb081b3570c81e3a I had position:absolute in the gsap animation which had massive influence on the preparation. Since i can not close myself, please mark this is closed. Sorry and thanks !
  6. Hey Guys ! I made a short demonstration of an issue what i experience when i need to create bigger amount of elements with animations on demand. If you hit the "red" button "Add with Animation" you will see that the running animation lag for a while until the gsap timeline created and started. More elements come in game, bigger is the Lag. If you hit the "green button", it just adds 400 elements to the body without animating them. This has no effect on the animations at all. If i see the performance monitor, i see there are a lot expensive "Recalculate Style" and "Layout" which force reflow. In our product we need to create animations on demand, which change their attributes, behaviour depending on user actions. Since i can not "precalculate" things, is there a way which would somehow avoid this lags ? Maybe an option which i overseen ? Hope you can help me out here ! Many Thanks !
  7. Hi Jack ! Sorry to bother you with this old thing, but seems that something changed at safari since the last version. The Z index / z Depth bug is back and unfortunately the workaround from your side is not working any more. Any idea ? also a simplified version of the bug : https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/qBdmoRy OR here without GreenSock at all: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/VwLydzJ Thanks and hope you guys have an idea. Would be Wonderfull !
  8. Thank you very much for the quick solution ! Really appreciate it ! You guys are the best !
  9. Hi Guys ! Just realised a small change in the last version which had crazy influences some of our functions. If in the Vars any attribute get a NaN Value, the rest of the animation will break, or will only partly work. These NaN values were "ignored" and/or somehow handled in version 3.1.1 and older, so the Animation could work once they get the right values. I made you two examples: Version 3.1.1 -> https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/GRJreJg Version 3.2.0 -> https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/gOpgEpp I can understand that we should take care of NaNs and Undefined values on our side, however you can maybe also ignore values like NaN, undefined, so nothing else breaks on the row in following animations. I don't want to push things from our side to your side, of course i will fix things in my functions, however this is maybe relevant for you and you want to handle it also ?
  10. Sure Thing. This was working : https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/QWbdddq We define some parameters due PHP and unfortunately the vars get defined by Array instead of indexed Object. As you can see it works in 3.1.1 (why ever). But not in 3.2.0 This is not a big deal, since it was a "bug" from our side anyway, however i thought on first look that it may an issue in gsap. Sorry for the trouble !
  11. True story ! Wrong Alarm ! Sorry for the wrong feedback. Indeed it is working fine. Seems that in our script somewhere the dynamic object converted to an array which as second parameter in gsap.set was accepted in GSAP3.1.1 but not any more in GSAP3.2.0 However this is a failure our side, so please ignore it. The Fix for the Pan Zoom is brilliant and works now like a charm. Any other issues i will report if i see. Thanks a lot guys for the extrem quick answer again ! You are simple the best !
  12. The Pan Zoom effect is better, however we have other issues now. i.e. backgroundImage is not any more respected as attribute. gsap.set('element',{backgroundImage:"url(yourimage.png)"}) will produce an: Invalid property backgroundImage set to ... This was not a problem in gsap 3.1.1. Is this maybe because of the Beta version ? Should i report other issues i find with this beta version, or should i wait for the official update ?
  13. Hi Guys. We got some feedback from our customers that some of our Pan Zoom effect become very laggy, jerky since we updated to gsap3 from tweenmax 1.18.3. I put an example together which shows clearly the situation. (In the real life example is much more complex) so i tried to build up similar structure like in our plugin. TweenMax 1.18.3 example: https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/WNvGZXj GSAP3 example : https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/vYOXJrQ It is extrem if you scale on transform origin left/top or right/bottom. You can check how the pixels are "jumping" on gsap3 and how smooth it is on TweenMax. Maybe i just missing something , or is there any idea what goes wrong? Thanks a lot guys and really appreciate all your effort, help and hard work !
  14. Hi Zach, thank you for your update. It is 100% NOT GreenSock since the issue can be reproduced also with pure css after scrolling. Tried almost all known tricks (just like you mentioned above.) Issue could be reproduced on the last few Chrome versions also. Will report it to the Google Devs, hopefully get some reaction there. Unfortunately I get used on the brilliant Service here since we are blessed with your Answering times ! You guys just amazing quick, guess Google Devs will take a bit longer
  15. Hi guys ! This is may not GreenSock related but you still have an idea why it happens. A big amount of users reporting on windows Google Chrome (version 79.0.3945.130 i.e. but many different version) a rendering issue which i tried to "simplify" in the demo above. If you resize the window / scroll on the preview you will see a thin line like shown here on bottom-line.png. This happens only on Windows. If we disable GreenSock animation, it does not show up, however i am still not sure that it has anything to do with GreenSock as i mentioned above. Funny enough this can not be reproduced on Linux and Unix based Chrome Browsers, only on Windows. Anybody a good idea how to avoid this ? (Small Update: Please note that this example simplified, 3D transforms and also more than one content withinthe pngcube wrap can exists, means using force3D false and or setting blur on content inside may help but will not help in real life environment). ps.: And sorry if this is not well addressed in this forum, please free remove it in that case ?