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  1. Yess exactly ! thank you so much for your help For those who are wondering, this also works with "data-speed"
  2. * btw this is the exact same problem with speed effects that stop once element is pinned
  3. Hello, I'm currently working on a personnal project using your new super plugin Scroll Smoother, and I have a little problem. I made a simple codepen reproducing the situation I am facing in the real project. What I want: Keep the lag effects active on the letters while the container is pinned What is actually happening: The lag effects are disabled once the container start to be pinned - I know it's for optimization purposes, since the element should be out of the viewport if it wasn't pinned (see the "gost" element on the demo, lag effects stop once the ghost element get out of the viewport). But I want to keep thoses effects enabled. Is there a way to do that ? Thanks for your help !