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  1. Hi Jack! I'm trying to synchronize sequence of audios obj_snd.attachSound("audio"+idAudio) and obj_snd.start(currentTween.position), with animation MyTimelineLite.append(TweenLite.to(obj_mc, 2 {_x:200, onStart:playAudio, onStartParams:[idAudio]}) Not found any topic about the issue and I think the greenSock (which is great) does not have native support this. I need to detect whether a tween has audio attached, and moving the slideControl (drag slide) resynchronize the audio related to that tween. (I think it would be something like onMidProgress:myFunc). I think the logic is to detect the occurrence of an append (TweenLite. ..), his CurrentProgress and see if it passes onStart: PlayAudio, onStart: Params [idAudio] to synchronize ... Other two questions: 1 - audios that last beyond the animation are not accounted for by the progressBar. 2 - I'm losing onStart event to position the marker of progress midle progress of a Tween. Annex. simple .FLA I appreciate any help, Thanks! sinc_audio_tween.zip