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  1. @GreenSock yep, works like a charm. Thank you—and thanks @PointC! Two quick follow-ups if you have the time: 1. Launching this site around the end of the month—do you think the beta will release by then / safe to use the beta in prod? 2. Is GSAP handling throttling / debouncing automatically or should I add logic to debounce something that's fired as often as `mousemove`?
  2. I'm looking to create the effect seen here: https://share.cleanshot.com/w14HYe In the current site there's a `maximum call stack error` that's thrown in the `mousemove` event, surfacing from `addPropTween`. I recreated the setup in codepen, and I don't see the call stack error, but the animation doesn't work either. I'm trying to use the `gsap.quickTo` method I've seen in other `mousemove` animations throughout the docs and forums. Really appreciate any help!