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  1. thanks. using var ntl=new TimelineMax({paused:true}); ntl.add(oldSubBlock.hideTl.play(0)); ntl.add(subBlock.showTl.play(0)); ntl.play(); It sounds strange to me, but it works as expected. Now I think I should learn more about nested timelines
  2. In the above code I used append() instead of add() . Using add() only the first item animation (block_0_0) seems to work, but it's a different problem I suppose
  3. oldSubBlock.hideTl.play(); subBlock.showTl.play(); play() instead of play(0) has the same effect of nesting timelines, but seek(0) or even progress(0) seem to have not the same effect.
  4. hi, I have objects with different timelines, I create them dinamically from DOM animation containers id and cache the timelines so that I can use them later: var subBlock=function(blockId){ this.blockId=blockId; this.showTl=new TimelineMax({paused:true,smoothChildTiming:true, onComplete:thisInstance.shownCallback,onCompleteScope:thisInstance}); this.hideTl=new TimelineMax({paused:true,smoothChildTiming:true ,onComplete:thisInstance.hiddenCallback,onCompleteScope:thisInstance}); switch (blockId) { //each element has it's own in and out animations case "block_0_0": this.showTl.set('#'+blockId,{display:"block"}); this.showTl.fromTo('#e_0_0_display',1,{opacity:0},{opacity:1}); this.hideTl.to('#e_0_0_display',1,{ opacity:0}); this.hideTl.set('#'+blockId,{display:"none"}); break; } }; Then I want to switch from a content to the other chaining the hide animation of the first and show animation of the new one. I do this creating a TimelineMax and appending the cached timelines to it, but there is something not working, it plays just once. If I call the single timelines play() they work. changeSubBlock:function(subIndex){ //object with show timeline var subBlock=appDisplay.subBlocks[appDisplay.selectedIndex][subIndex]; //object with hide timeline var oldSubBlock=appDisplay.subBlocks[appDisplay.selectedIndex][appDisplay.selectedSubIndex]; //update status appDisplay.selectedSubIndex=subIndex; //this works /* oldSubBlock.hideTl.play(0); subBlock.showTl.play(0); */ //this doesn not work var ntl=new TimelineMax({paused:true}); ntl.append(oldSubBlock.hideTl); ntl.append(subBlock.showTl); ntl.play(); } what can be wrong?
  5. does it affect also seamless loop? I'm working on a loops based project and client sees about 1 sec.stop on it. I