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  1. Thank you, I've got no idea there was that notice in the docs, maybe I've could find the solution before disturbing you!🥶 I'll check for them in future. And I will pay attention to have my versions in sync too.😤 Ok @akapowl, hope you have a nice w-e, and again, thank you, You have saved my day!!!.🥰
  2. @akapowl thank to your advice, I've checked my code on my CodeSandbox and I've notice that, initially, I wasn't able to reproduce the error.😕 So I've checked the GSAP e and ScrollTrigger version I was using in the project: GSAP 3.10.4 and ScrollTrigger 3.3.4: /*! * ScrollTrigger 3.3.4 * https://greensock.com * * @license Copyright 2008-2020, GreenSock. All rights reserved. * Subject to the terms at https://greensock.com/standard-license or for * Club GreenSock members, the agreement issued with that membership. * @author: Jack Doyle, jack@greensock.com */ So, I've decided to change the ScrollTrigger version, because in the sandbox the version 3.10.4 was working properly. In conclusion, I've reproduced the issue creating a file that contains the exact copy of the scrolltrigger I was using and I've solved my problem changing the ScrollTrigger version. Now your code works perfectly, the self.previous().end is no more an error. (I've also checked the other animations in my website and this version change seems not affected them). (My project is very simple: Vanilla Js and Bootstrap as Css Framework, nothing special.) Hope this can help someone, and @akapowl... not enough words to thank you. Hug from Italy!🥰
  3. Thank you very much @akapowl!!! I'm sorry for my embarassing mistake, thank you!!! Now I can proceed to implement this in my project...! Thank you again! But now, when I try to put in my project, I've got this error: self.previous is not a function the version of GSAP I'm using is 3.10.4 any idea?
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm sorry in advance for every mistake I can do here (also for my english), I'm using GSAP for little jobs, and it's wonderful, but here I can't solve this issue: I've got three .panel(s) areas that are 100vh. The .panel(s) have vertical scroll, and before them I've got a banner with 100vh and after them I've got a footer. The desired behavior is that after the banner, scrolling down, the first panel is pinned, then the second and then the third (and so on) arrive, changing background color and text. I've tried to implement @akapowl code but in first instance (when you refresh) it doesn't work properly because it only shows the third .panel, it works only at the second scroll session (when you turn back scrolling up...here it works perfectly!). I'm not able to understand what I'm missing... Can someone help me to understand what I'm doing wrong? Thank you to everyone here, you are amazing! Here my Codepen: https://codepen.io/chiaralyn/pen/jOZzbVE?editors=1011