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  1. @Cassie i've tryed to minify code and leaved only one tween which has a problem. https://codepen.io/paketaaa/pen/wvmRjYL I'll try to explain one more time. When you scroll, you make left element active and translateY parent element to child element's height, but in my case when you scroll to the bottom and then back to top, parent's translateY not equal zero. I hope i explained well. I also want to tag @GreenSock because this man helped me last time with this case but with my changes it's not working like i wanted to. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. I've tried to refactor my code and make it with preventOverlaps and still wrong. Maybe im wrong with math? https://codepen.io/paketaaa/pen/wvmRjYL after scrolling whole section and then back to top my translate y not equal zero. I still dont understand why
  3. @Cassie Still can't fix this issue, i added prevent overlaps but nothing changing, is there any other ways to force end animation or I just doing wrong? (updated codepen)
  4. @Cassie An example of how my demo should look like is in this topic (dropbox video)
  5. I think i need to set progress(1) if new animation starts 🤔
  6. Also thanks for new release post. I appreciate it
  7. Should i just add preventOverlaps and fastScrollEnd on each scrolltrigger? If it is then it doesnt work for me. I'll try to explain. When I'm scrolling, i need to pin my right side panel and set active element on top of a page like scrolling. But when i'm scrolling back my "transformY" on ".monitoring-wrapper" is not equal 0 for some reason. Sorry for my bad English and i hope you'll help me. Thanks!
  8. Hello, my animation is not ending correctly when i'm scrolling fast. I was looking threads and many people said that it's logic issue but i still dont get a point how to solve it. When im scrolling fast my "transformY" on ".monitoring-wrapper" is not ending because new starts. so maybe i can make a queue or something like that?
  9. I'm so happy that Greensock Community is always ready to help. It's not excact copy of video but I will look through you code and will fix mine. Thank you so much! Sorry for that kind of post but i really dont know how do define my question and ask it right way so i had to pin video do describe my problem correct
  10. Hey once again. I've tried to do smth like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mh526bkqytfp3sr/brandmonitor_animatic.mp4?dl=0 (starting at 0:05s) but i stucked at the beginning, so i cant even change color of left elements. I was watching guides and docs but still doing wrong. If you would help me to understand what am i doing i will be happy. Thank you
  11. Hey Everyone, is there a way to scroll my arches in Codepen right to next element without using id on him? I've tried to make offsetY 100% but I think I'm doing something wrong.
  12. Thank you for quick response, I was trying like that before, but i didn't added z-index so background of second sections wasn't appearing. Everything works good!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new at GSAP so maybe my question is kinda simple but I still dont understand what am I doing wrong. I wanted to create layer covered sections like in example of scrolltrigger but my big section is not scrollable. So i wanted to ask for a help to explane how this thing works. TYSM