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  1. Thanks. But, the thing I want was a little bit different. I meant these text lines moves from left to right, and from right to left horizontally(translateX) , i.e, no move towards up. They are transforming ontranslate3d base currently.
  2. Thanks @akapowl. And how could I make them keep moving untill they leave the viewport?
  3. The thing I wanted to implement here is to animate texts from left to right and vice versa. I mean the first and third texts from left to right, the second and fourth ones from left to right. They are gonna move according to scroll position. Please, let me know what do I do wrong here.
  4. Right now, it is pinning for some time, exactly untill end. What I want is pin it always once scrollTrigger starts
  5. yes, something like this. But I wanted to pin it to the viewport. pinType: 'transfrom' didn't help, by the way
  6. Hi there. How can I set the Main title pinned to top? Now it is pinned until its scroll position is over. https://codepen.io/Mukher/pen/OJQQoZp
  7. Hi. How can I implement something like this using GSAP? bandicam 2022-05-29 15-20-23-783.mp4
  8. Hi, there. How can we set tilt effect for every item separately? In your example, hovering one causes tilt effect of another. Thanks, Mukhriddin
  9. Mukhriddin

    Follow Mouse

    Hi, sure. Please, see codepen here. https://codepen.io/Mukher/pen/mdXXBjL Now, cursor is workking allright regarding UI. But when you try to click, hamburger to see menus, it doesn't click as the cursor has z-index: 100; So you can say, remove z-index then. But no, if I remove it, it lays down the white layout, and doesn't seem what expect(with mix-blend-mode: difference;) And also, I wanted to know is it possible to change style(scale: 1.5; for example), when I hover logo, hamburger, or anything I want. Thanks for the quick reply! P.s: please, don't pay attention to styles, I just copied in a hurry
  10. Mukhriddin

    Follow Mouse

    hi. guys. I tried out your examples. It worked, but one issue: this can't affect elements with z-index. I mean if I hover a button which has z-index: 999; mouse lays down this button as it has zero z-index. And when I set its z-index to 1000 (+1 from the button!), I cannot click the button for some reason. And also, can I change this mouse's style while hovering some elements?