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  1. I apologise for the CodePen, I wanted to give an example of what I looked at for one of the SVG/Pan examples I have taken as a link but it seemed to show the actual sketch of it. I found the issue - p5 has a function that draws a "point", and I named the variable of the created SVG point as "point" which interfers with the P5 function. Simply naming it to something else like "pt" made it work. I appreciate for the quick reply!
  2. Hello! I am new to using GSAP so I apologise if I follow an incorrect format. I'm currently creating an interaction map that is made out of SVG that uses zoom and pan. I have used multiple solutions (specifically this one) from other topics related to my idea and tried code from CodePen created by other users. At the same time, I am using p5.js which I noticed that this library can be used with. The issue I'm facing is when I try to implement the zoom/pan interaction from one of the examples, it causes an error when I try to interact with the SVG: "Uncaught TypeError: point.matrixTransform is not a function". I was constantly searching for the exact cause until I have removed the "setup()" and "draw()" functions which causes the interaction to work. Nothing else could have interefered as I have created a completely new project that only contained the SVG and the code of the interaction without any of the p5 functions which also worked. I tried to search if other people had a similar issue to mine, but it seems like I'm the first. I am very confused why this happens, does anybody know why? I need both of those functions to do the fundamental things with p5.