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  1. Thanks for your fast reply! This is indeed the issue I was encountering! After looking at the fix I realize my mistake. Thanks for the help, Craig!
  2. Good day! After messing with some more GSAP I found some fun stuff to work with. Currently I'm messing with this timeline, which I'd like to have animate instantly after completion. But even after giving 0 delay to the timeline AND the tweens it seems after each timeline-restart it adds a delay exponentially. My question is: Why is this? Haven't I given all properties 0 delay? Thanks in advance, Tedev
  3. Thanks for the follow-up replies! The more I understand of this, the better. I will be going for the function solution as soon as I understand it. Because I also noticed what you mentioned on my own website, akapowl. First thing tomorrow, haha.
  4. Hi there Craig! Your explanation was loud and clear! The opacity not doing anything is because I took this snippet after trying to fix it. It didn't have 'x: -1000' in it initially, so the opacity actually does something. The third solution is something I'll bump into later in exploring GSAP. But you fixed my issue, it works perfectly on my website now. Thank you, and you'll definitely hear from me again, be it in form of a question, or helping someone out once I fully understand GSAP!
  5. Hello there! Recently I started experimenting with GSAP and immediately fell in love with it. Ever since, I've been trying to understand the basics, and feel like I'm getting along well. That is, until today. I am creating a webpage where I include GSAP to handle the animations. On this page I have a scrollTrigger that worked well scrolling down, but scrolling back up it returned something unexpected. I have searched for an answer to this all day, going through the forum, looking at the 'Most Common Mistakes' (including the scrollTrigger ones), and I might be looking too hard to the point I might've read the answer but can't correlate it to my issue. My question is: Why does the top element disappear? And how can I make it so it doesn't? Thanks in advance, Tedev