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  1. can i change the "end" property on the timeline when windows is resized? I mean can when the highest viewport is 2560 : "end+=20%," and at the lowest resolution of 1200 : "end+=0%", and when windows is resized then "end" will change fluidly var nav_hide = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".hide-me2", start: "top top", end: "+=20%", // markers: true, scrub: true, }
  2. can set fadeout pinning section 40% from bottom but still keep section 1 position in the middle or pin state, so when section 2 goes to 40% from bottom then section 1 starts the animation
  3. how to make a sliding card with pinned and end with scale down and rotate
  4. hello i have problem with transition animation and also text. 1.For page transitions I want it to appear from the bottom and disappear to the top, but when I press the button for a short time, the transition appears from top to bottom... 2.And for the fade in text animation I have the same problem, namely if I press the button quickly sometimes the last animation has not been completed, so the animation occurs twice. I want when the button is clicked the transition always appears bottom->up, and the text always from 0 to 1 opacity. This is my code https://codesandbox.io/s/elegant-sara-5wz41g
  5. I mean like parallax maybe? so the hero section scrolls a bit slower, and the content section scrolls and floats over the hero section, like this https://custo.io/
  6. hello how to make slow scrolling hero section like on this site https://custo.io/ and how disable smooth scroll on mobile viewport
  7. how to make random words animation on first page load like this site: https://dennissnellenberg.com/
  8. hello, i am using gsap scroll trigger, and it is working, and i want to combine it with locomotive scroll but its not working. and how to add back to top function?
  9. Hello, how to make Back to top with progress indicator like this: i use locomotive scroll in html I use it, but it not work : Back to top with progress indicator 2 (codepen.io)