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  1. It is working like a dream by the way. That code I posted at the beginning worked like a dream and your loader classes integrate well with AIR and the saving to disk that I am doing. Cheers!
  2. Yeah I just noticed that I can pass loadermax a UrlRequest object instead of a string. Given that I can attach headers to the UrlRequest I think it should be ok. I will let you know once I try it. I have already successfully tested a UrlRequest on it's own, I imagine it will work. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm glad I convinced my company to buy your transform class, worth every penny
  3. Hey there, love all your work, and would love to use LoaderMax for an Adobe Air project that I am doing. I will basically be loading resources from the web and saving them locally. The only problem is that the resources are protected by Basic Authentication. I think something like this can be used in general to load from a protected url: URLRequestDefaults.setLoginCredentialsForHost(hostname, user, password); URLRequestDefaults.authenticate = true; But I wanted to know if this is something I can do with LoaderMax, or if it is not native behaviour, if it would be difficult for an intermediate (maybe advanced, but not expert) user to modify LoaderMax to do it? Any indications you could give me would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks, Jason.