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  1. Thanks - yes that is my understanding of it. I wasn't sure why that value would change though but think as you say, it's just the content loading in from cache giving a different value. Either way, all sorted
  2. Found the issue - I was using ScrollTrigger.maxScroll and this was giving different values. On refresh with empty cache this was equal to the width of the window which works perfect for this animation so I swapped it out to use the window width instead of ScrollTrigger.maxScroll I wonder if someone seeing this though might elaborate as to why ScrollTrigger.maxScroll would give a different value on a refresh?
  3. Resolved since posting - resolution below... Hello... Fairly new to GSAP and loving it!! I have a section that is simulating a horizontal scroll and using containerAnimation to do this. When I load the page on empty cache, it works perfectly, positioning and everything is great. Then I reload the page and the positioning seems to be out if I viewed the animation on the previous section. I then have to clear cache again to view the animation with the correct positioning. I have made a video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OVNzPFqJcGOB9S10wMVIkW8tromBvSBw/view As you can see, on the first load, I scroll down to the 'our work' section and it looks good. I then refresh the page and it knocks the positioning out then the third time I clear the cache and once again the positioning is good. I'm really at a loss with this so any input would be great, perhaps someone else has come across this or someone a little more used to GSAP can point me in the right direction? I added the CodePen and seeing the same issue here - please view in full screen though as I havent yet worked out the responsiveness fully so works best at 1080 One thing I did try adding was ScrollTrigger.refresh() to see if this helped but didn't get anywhere with this unfortunately. Thanks in advance for your input