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  1. Hi all, I have been experimenting with MorphSVG and I am trying to make a button where the border morphs to a sort of arrow shaped border when you hover over it. This has been fairly successful but I see that the left side of the SVG morphs a bit and the animation still feels a bit too wavy. How can you approach a problem like this? I am not that experienced with MorphSVG and would love some insight.
  2. You're a lifesaver! I haven't used a ScrollTrigger like that before but now that I see it I understand completely. I implemented it in the site I'm building and it works like a charm. Thank you!
  3. Hi PointC, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately this is still not exactly what I hope to accomplish. When I scroll back from Wrapper 3 to Wrapper 2, the SVG slides in from the top and not from the position it had on Wrapper 3. The same goes for scrolling back from Wrapper 2 to Wrapper 1.
  4. Hi all, first time posting here so sorry if I forget to include something, but here we go... I'm trying to animate this SVG between different sections (wrappers) but I can't figure out why my animation keeps restarting from the original position (the top of the body). I'd like to animate the SVG from the previous position. So if you scroll from wrapper 3 to wrapper 2, the SVG animates from wrapper 3 to wrapper 2. I'm feeling like I'm overseeing the obvious solution here, but I can't from the life of me come up with a solution. Any help is appreciated!