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  1. Hi Cassie, I have a very messy code in my local as I have tried every possible way I know. I used above code and playing with it. But no required so far. If you could just let me know how we can stop infinite loop. I set repeat 0 also but it is not stoping repeat.
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to disable infinite loop as I want to user to slide right or left for going through items. After reaching to end user can not drag more.
  3. Hi there, As you can see in my codepen demo, I have created two large sections with animations. One section is long list of background text which font size is decreasing on scroll. Another one section is, a set of images which are rotating around the texts on scroll. The problem is both animation are not smooth and it seems stuck on fast scrolling. Also, when that decreasing font size animation is on then rotating section does not work as expected where as it works good when fontsize animation is off. I need a help here both animation should work smoothly and without affecting other sections.
  4. Thank you so much @Cassie Great help so far. I got the solution. It was network connection
  5. Hold on to the last section, a little before of end, around 95%. The last section tries to go left automatically and thats where it flickers
  6. Thanks for your help. I updated my pen and horizontal sections look working now. But sometime last section is flickering. https://codepen.io/cartos/pen/VwQEBvJ
  7. I am calling ScrollTrigger.refresh() only after json response. I do not know how we can calculate the width of that section as that will be increasing on length of response data.
  8. Thanks, thats all I wanted. But it is a solution to part of the problem. There is also a problem with the horizontal section. In the first section, I am populating the data from the API, which width can be anything as I am populating all the data in one row. Now after populating you can see that the last section of the horizontal bar is sometimes not visible and sometimes it is not moving to the left as expected.
  9. Hi did you get some time to check my video. I have some dynamic sections which are populating from response. And in last I have horizontal sections as well which are scrolling on scroll. Now the problem is, sometimes horozontal scroll is not waiting for dynamic sections to be populated and appearing before/overlapping dynamic sections.
  10. Thanks for reply Cassie, Problem is horizontal content sometimes overlapping the dynamic content. Here I have recorded the video, it might help you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-OA9ieiEV1cbmUweuX6XJmz7kbOVjGF8/view
  11. Hi All, Horizontal scrolling section overlapping the dynamic added content. I tried with ScrollTrigger refresh as well, but it didn't work for me either. Check here my codepen url : https://codepen.io/cartos/pen/VwQEBvJ You can see the problem in full view mode using this url : https://codepen.io/cartos/full/VwQEBvJ Please help where I am making mistake.
  12. Thanks for reply @Cassie Did you get a chance to look at the animation which is given in the shared link? I know create some animations but this looks little bit tricky. If you could tell me what animation component we need to use as I have been working on these last 5 days with no good result.
  13. Hi there, I'm an absolute beginner with GASP and all the JS animation stuff. My aim is to have an animation where multiple images (pictures of my family) in the pinned container are rotating around some texts on scroll. They are also coming into container on the scroll. Please find my video, I have to create similar effect. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oqQjHKFTpQLAT-tSExKWMw6Nbq0HaeW8/view