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  1. Hey Jack, So, to be clear. The minimum demo is your last revision. This is the one that uses draggable beta: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/bGLwZvE That is the starting point. 1. My objective is to enhance this by allowing the element to be resized whilst keeping it constrained within its bounds. So, the exact demo, but resizable. 2. As most of our customers use touch, touch and mouse are required. 3. Do you have an example or how would you approach this? Thanks in advance. D.
  2. Its really good, but due to ridiculous deadline, we will have to use our own drag component, to begin with. Its no way as good and doesn't support scroll, but it does support resize. So two questions: 1. Is there a standard approach to resize GSAP draggable? I.E. one that works with both mouse and keyboard. I've seen a few threads, on the forum, with resize working, but only with mouse. 2. When will the new version of draggable be released? Only spent a few hours yesterday playing with GSAP, so excuse my limited knowledge. Best D.
  3. Hi hope you can help, A lot of examples are in older versions. My current task is to see how easy it is to upgrade the domos that would be useful to us. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/YPvdYv I've read the migration docs and I thought that I was already there. But my pen seems very temperamental, after the first few drags, its all over the place. https://codepen.io/carty/pen/NWyRBXN Thanks in advance for your consideration, D.