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    Swaying item

    Perfect, it did work with the PNGs and the issue is fixed. I don't where I got the idea that I couldn't use PNGs, whoops!
  2. KristineJ

    Swaying item

    Ah, gotcha I was able to get a slight sway -- it's not perfect, but it'll do the job-- I ran into some browser trouble though, my SVG's aren't loading properly on Firefox (even without animation), over my PNG's are working-- but if I use the PNG the animation doesn't work-- is there a way to use my animation with PNG files? I've included a sample of my code
  3. KristineJ

    Swaying item

    Hi! I am trying to get these flowers to sway gently from side to side-- each of the flowers are separate SVGs. Not sure about the best way to go about this or what methods to use- thanks for any help or suggestions!!