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  1. Did you ever figure out how to do this? I need to clone a timeline with all of its children at runtime..
  2. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed! Now I'm looking into manipulating the asset... Say I have a character_head_mc and I want to add to all instances a child accessory_hat. Do I need to keep track and iterate over all references of the head or can I somehow tell the class to now make the hat it's child? In flash I could do this by dragging a hat movieclip from the library into the head movieclip.
  3. I'm using LoaderMax, and can't seem to figure out how to create a new instance of a movieclip it loads. I am loading an external SWF with a mc in the library. I'm new-ish to as3 so please be gentle. I think without LoaderMax, I would want to load the swf, and then do something like: var ObjectdAsset:Class = applicationDomain.getDefinition('mc_name'); var instance1 = new ObjectAsset(); var instance2 = new ObjectAsset(); ...etc Much appreciated