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  1. Ok, thank you, I will try to do that,
  2. Hi, I looked and modified the code. but I can't figure it out... I do manage to have the div come from the side, but it does not work... any other advice? am I on the right way ? I'm not sur I have the right approach... https://codepen.io/blinkdesign/pen/vYdLQBY
  3. thanks you for your input I managed to have the parallax but how can I mix the vertical and horizontal within the obvserver ? using the code from the first code pen you propose, is it possible to add a condition to detect if a certain section is in view then pin it and have the horizontal scroll ?
  4. Hello Gsap Comunity, new to GSAP I'm trying to have a full page parallax with a pined section which contains an horizontal scroll. My problem here is that when I scroll down I got the parallax effect on the 1st section, second section is pined and have an horizontal scroll, but the fourth section does not have the parallax effect, if I scroll to the last section and go back up the parallax is working as planned... I can't figure out why it is not working properly on the way down... Basically I would like to repropduce the animations on this website : https://astoncm.com/ If you have a better solution than the one I came up with to reproduce the animations, I'm all hears