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  1. Hey @milko, I think this has something to do with your pinning. From the code it looks like the nav is being pinned when the top of the div is at the top of the screen. So when you open the .nav_expand to a height of 70vh, the nav div is no longer at the top of the screen. I think this is what is causing the problem. Maybe you can try putting the .nav_expand div inside the .nav (pin trigger) so that even when it expands, the .nav is still at the top of the page.
  2. Are you able to share a read-only link? It must be something to do with how it was setup in Webflow.
  3. Hi @milko, I have taken a brief look at your issue here. It looks like you have two id's of "taimen". This could be causing that little glitch. Maybe try removing one of them or making it "#taimen-mobile" or something like that. Hope that helps, if not I can take another look
  4. Hi @div138, What worked for me was: 1. renaming the file ScrollSmoother.min.js to ScrollSmoother.min.txt 2. Upload the .txt file to Webflow 3. Then find the URL of the uploaded .txt file - should look something like this <script src="https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/62e3acd626f7sd0ac59653c2/6we913e507820a453df444d7_ScrollSmoother.min.txt"></script> 4. It will still be able to read the js inside the .txt file. Hope that helps
  5. You Sir, are a legend Thanks so much!
  6. Hi I've just purchased the Greensock Shockingly Green package & I can't figure out how to install the ScrollSmoother in Webflow. I've tried copying the "ScrollSmoother.min.js" code and pasting it into the <head></head>. I also tried pasting it before the </body> to no avail. I haven't included a Codepen as my only issue is actually installing it. I'm new to all of this so the npm/yarn options confuse me so much. Was kinda hoping for a CDN option where I could just add the script into the header and Voila 😅 Has anyone actually managed to successfully install it & get it working in Webflow? Appreciate any guidance ❤️