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  1. Hi Cassie, tk for your answer. I don't have idea where I can start, if you can help me I would really appreciate it. This the pen and I'll work on it https://codepen.io/20LDiego/pen/OJvpWXP Ty for your help regards
  2. Today I'm work on this. I'm update the pen, please check https://codepen.io/20LDiego/full/ZErPxrB Maybe it clarifies what I want. I would think there is a better way to handle animation when it is an array. But the first and last change the last position of the others. 😕 On the other hand, I can't correct the blank spaces that form between the images and the last two texts don't work well If you have any suggestions or anything that can help me, I would really appreciate it.
  3. Hi mvaneijgen , thanks for your time. I check your pen and I think it's amazing. Just try to make a change, I prefer to show the first image and text when the animation starts, and when the animation ends the last image-text keeps showing (right now it disappears) What I want is not to see white space while scrolling, because I add the same effect as '.slide-wrapper .description' for '.slide-wrapper .title-value' That's possible? I appreciate your help
  4. Hello teachers, I have this example, I need help with a combination of animations. The idea: With normal scrolling it stops at the top of the section (done) and with further scrolling it changes the content of the .container-sliders-wrapper (done) but i need the following animations: the img goes to the top and disappears with the fadeout and the text just fades and changes with the other text content on the slide I put a link with the real example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OKG0Ads2NYR1k073ERUrHwTQB9KuPofn/view?usp=sharing I hope I explained well and you can help me PD: I use vh value, please open the codepen an full view
  5. Hi master, I see this page https://www.lifeatspotify.com/ and I was wondering if it's possible to replicate an animation as the site shows, specifically with the sections of: Who we are, Where we belong and How we act I appreciate all the help you can give me..