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  1. Hi Jonathan, thanks a lot for the quick answer. Oh yes, you are right, the codepen example runs on IE8. Sorry, I have only temporarely a notebook with IE8 for testing and the codepen example I could only test by emulating IE8 on IE11 and there it didn't works. And you are right too with your opinion over IE8 but my customer, a global player, has thousands of employees worldwide with thousands of PC's. They update their software only in long intervals, so IE8 is in the moment still the standard browser. So its necessary that all things we do, have to run on their systems inhouse ;-(. But the problem of mine isn't solved yet. Attached you can find a part of the real project: greensockTest.zip One HTML file with some assets. Its only raw data for technical testing without design. I used the mentioned functionalities "rotation" and "scale" on one hand for animation the content and on the other hand especially the scale functionality in connection with window resize for scaling the whole animation container. So its very important and it works on all current browsers excluding on IE8 on my Test-PC (WIN 7 Enterprise 64bit SP1 and IE8 Version 8.0.7601.17514). It would be great, if you can check it out one time more, which is wrong. That would bear a helping hand for me. For understanding a short explanation what why happens: first a fair map appears with autoAlpha the booth of the company will marked on the map than the fair map zooms in and fade out by rotation and autoAlpha in the same time the booth map appears (its a bigger picture, 5000x2800 px, because you should zoom in later) a button appears in the right bottom corner and you can change per click between the booth map and the fair map At the moment here is the end. At the end, I hope , it will be an interactive boothguide for a fair. Later appears next hotspots on the boothplan and you can learn which products will introduce in the different areas of the booth. By clicking a shown product you will linked to the product page in our customers website. Thank you very much indeed and have a nice weekend! Tilo from "Im Hochparterre"
  2. Hi, in my current HTML5 project I need especially the scale and rotation skills from GSAP and one of the requirements is, that it have to run on IE8. Now I took notice that it doesn't works. I tested it at first in IE11 and emulating IE8 and after that I used an real IE8. In all other current browsers it works fine, include in IE11 and emulated IE9 and 10. The code, you can see in my codepen example isn't complex. What I made wrong or is it impossible in connection with IE8? Thanks for information to this problem. Best regards. Tilo