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  1. 3 hours ago, OSUblake said:

    Welcome to the forums @Maga Pascansky


    Check out the solutions posted in this thread.



    Also, I would recommend switching over the newer GSAP syntax.


    // var headerAnim = new TimelineMax();
    var headerAnim = gsap.timeline();


    You can check out the syntax changes in the Migration Guide.



    Hello and thanks for your quick response!!

    The solution to this post worked for me but I encountered 2 new problems.

    First, I had to disable "scroll-behavior: smooth", which makes my nav work kind of awfully.

    Also, killing the scrolltrigger made all of the following sections (which also work with scrolltrigger) break 😕



  2. Hello everyone!


    I started using scrolltrigger to make a nice scrolling website for a client. 

    In the header section, I want the animation tu run on scrub but not on backwards scrub, so I killed it onLeave. The problem is that when the animation is killed a large black space is left above my header section.


    I tried making it the same as I have it on CodePen but I failed.. hope it's understandable this way.


    Thank you in advance!

    See the Pen oNEXojL by magapascansky (@magapascansky) on CodePen