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  1. Thank you so much @akapowl, this is amazing, I will note your comments!
  2. Hi @mvaneijgen, thanks for sharing this, I did see something similar to this demo when I was searching for solutions, however the reason why I was trying to edit the solution above was because the slider populates dynamically, whereas this one that you shared is hard coded. Does that make sense?
  3. Hi Thanks for getting back to me. What I mean is, I'm trying to create it so that the content above the scroll triggered slider is normal scrollable content (just like you can scroll on this page). I have attached a screenshot below to try and articulate what I'm trying to achieve.
  4. Hi all, I am new to GSAP and scrolltrigger as well, this looks amazing, but I'm really struggling with how I would add just a standard scrollable div above and bellow? https://codepen.io/bondandcoyne-craig/pen/poazvKZ