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  1. Hey guys, We're looking for an extremely talented animator to create a gsap based scroll animation (with scrolltrigger or scrollsmoother maybe) for our site. https://writerly.ai We really want something to stand out, catch the eye - without making the site slow, so performance must be optimised. Willing to pay professional rate - please include a portfolio with your application.
  2. Thanks I managed to put it into a simple enough pen https://codepen.io/kingcrimson69/pen/YzeKRwL
  3. Here's a video showing the issue. The grey container is the one I want to pin something to scroll in, and I want the image residing within it to hit the bottom of the container - that's all. But whenever I try "end end", it completely messes the spacing up Again, I'm not sure WHICH container should be the long one. gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger) let timeline = gsap.timeline({paused:true}) .to(".scroll-container #analytics-one", {opacity:1,}) ScrollTrigger.create({ animation: timeline, trigger: '.scroll-container', scrub: true, pin: true, markers: true, }) I have also given the "scroll Container", some length, to allow it to be long enough to scroll .scroll-container { height: 105vh; } 2022-04-29_17-10-30.webm
  4. how can I make the end value the bottom of the container? The default value seems to be 100vh, which is great, but the container is sized at 300vh. The main thing I want is for an image, to scroll down with the user all the way to the bottom of the container.
  5. Hey. I'm looking for an expert that I can ask questions to regarding GSAP and ScrollTrigger for an animation project. I work for a London based startup and would like to up my professional skills by being able to create scroll based animations with ScrollTrigger and GSAP. Ideal candidates would be complete experts in GSAP and scroll based animations. I'm willing to pay by the hour for these consultations. If anyone is interested, please message me.