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  1. Hi! Thanks! This info solved my problem! Now it works well.
  2. Hi! I work on a function that should start the text animation when the trigger element is in viewport, but I would like to make it reusable. I hope I think right about these problem, just can't solve it. I would like to use data attributes to set trigger elements for SrcollTrigger. But with the following code, the first trigger will trigger all the texts on the page and play at the same time. I have a TextSplitter so the .title-split .char are the splitted characters. I should find all the data-txt-wrapper elements, then start the text animation when the data-trigger element step into the viewport. Is it possible somehow? Thanks a lot! // Timeline let tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: triggerElement, start: "top 30%" } }); tl.from(listTxt, { ... }); }); }
  3. Yes, unfortunately the Weglot dosen't give too much possibility What about this? https://greensock.com/docs/v2/Utilities/SplitText/revert() Can it help?
  4. Yeah I use it now, but sometimes works sometimes not... Is it possible to set a delay to the text splitting?
  5. Hi! Thanks for your answer! There are some. I used the language changed and the init ones. But I had to use timeout to give some time for the translation, but I got this warning [Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took XXms [Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took XXms And in Chrome the translation works bad.
  6. Hi, we have a company account (club member), and I have a personal (free).
  7. Hi! I used Weglot for a client project and I realized that the animated texts aren't translated. These are Splittext JS edited texts, but each character in the animation is in an individual <div> element which mean that it won't be recognized as one word in Weglot. Is there a solutions for this? You can test here: puto.webflow.io Thanks 🙏🏻
  8. Hi Craig! That's awesome, thanks! I have to sharpen my JS skills... 😅
  9. Hi! I've made a simple follow cursor animation for my current project. I think I could make it better or shorter (maybe with a forEach), but I don't know how. Can somebody help me with this? Thanks
  10. Hi! Thanks for the quick answer. I think I just overcomplicated this issue 😅
  11. Hi! I've made an SVG image with several different objects. The interaction would be this: - If you hover an element there would be a small effect on this element. (a scale, rotate and move depending on the mouse position.) - If you hover out the element get back to the original position. Currently, I have a problem with the targeting, the effect animates all the elements in the SVG. ...And some with the mouse position tracking:) How can I solve this? Thanks for the help in advance