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  1. @akapowl thanks, although this is not what I need, but I'm grateful. I will sort this out😅
  2. @akapowl thanks, I will know about this method, but a simple one helped me scroller: '.b-page-wrapper' I just used it wrong can i have another question? I have a block which has an absolutely positioned block when scrolling, it should slide from top to bottom I try to do it this way, but it doesn't work for me please tell me how can i do this? it's like parallax, but in one direction link to code https://codepen.io/KatushaSan/pen/RwxzZbR
  3. Hello. Tell me please. The page uses custom scrolling. Because of this, the animation does not work when scrolling through the page. How to bind a block with a scroll to animation? 👻 Perhaps the answer has already been given. but I'm probably not looking well, if there is, please send a link 🤲