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  1. I have a simple animation that upend every time the user over on button.
    i have a 10 buttons one near the other. and the imageContainer show the prodact.

    when the user go our from the button i want to hide this element.

    gsap.from("#imageContainer", .5, {css:{scaleX:0.8, scaleY:0.8, opacity:0}});

    on the first time that work great but is the mouse run on the button the animation stop work and the image stack on opacity 0.

    i try to use restart. seek and kiil but dont foud the right way to start the animation every time from the begin.

  2. Thanks for the answer.

    I build a software that let you load the JS file that AbodeAnimate create and make all the animation with GreenSock. you drag the items and add the properties.

    i want to let the user option to play the timeline every time. but after 1 or 2 time if the user click on the player the time line calculate from the currect params and not from the orginal params.

    little screenshot for example:


  3. I attach file with my project.

    I try to do a slider that hear jump is change like parabola i use at custom ease to get the parabola and to get a value by scale.

    when the user drag the scroller its work fine, i want to give to user option to type a value, and the scroller jump to the right place, and this is my problem.