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    hover animation

    I have a simple animation that upend every time the user over on button. i have a 10 buttons one near the other. and the imageContainer show the prodact. when the user go our from the button i want to hide this element. gsap.from("#imageContainer", .5, {css:{scaleX:0.8, scaleY:0.8, opacity:0}}); on the first time that work great but is the mouse run on the button the animation stop work and the image stack on opacity 0. i try to use restart. seek and kiil but dont foud the right way to start the animation every time from the begin.
  2. sorry my project now is complicated for CodePen, i found a way to set all params to the original (i save it on other object and set before i build the new timeline), and that work for me! thanks for the help
  3. No because of the item start be in alpha=0 i don't want that he be 0 (when i dont play the timeline).
  4. Thanks Jack! I want to record from the started states (before i set all the tweens ever) not from current states.
  5. Thanks for the answer. I build a software that let you load the JS file that AbodeAnimate create and make all the animation with GreenSock. you drag the items and add the properties. i want to let the user option to play the timeline every time. but after 1 or 2 time if the user click on the player the time line calculate from the currect params and not from the orginal params. little screenshot for example:
  6. Hello I try to clearProps for my TimelineMax and i didnt found the right way to do it. I build the TimelineMax every play for other items and i want to clear all before i build the new one. How can i do that?
  7. thanks! @ohem I think that if Greenshock team try to enter the greenshock into the AMP that will by great! greenshock have the best performance by far.
  8. Google ask form new publisher on GoogleAds to use AMPHTML how can i load and use greenshock with AMPHTML ?
  9. Great, thank you. I think the events and listeners will be able to help the developers.
  10. Hi, I using TimelineMax and i use lot off labels, I want to know when label enter (start or finish), how can i know this?
  11. amihanya

    this "class"

    I use TweenMax and call to onComplete, the call work, but when i get the this, i dont get my "class", how can i get this?
  12. how i can return the right value from the type in the text filed "now_txt", and how i can send the slide to the right place in x.
  13. the file again, i try to get same value when the slider drag and when the now_txt typing. Slider.zip
  14. I attach file with my project. I try to do a slider that hear jump is change like parabola i use at custom ease to get the parabola and to get a value by scale. when the user drag the scroller its work fine, i want to give to user option to type a value, and the scroller jump to the right place, and this is my problem.
  15. i make a custom ease and i want to get the value of ease in specific scale, or to know the scale in specific value, how i can get it?