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  1. Hey! Thanks a lot! tl.eventCallback("onReverseComplete", someFunction, paramsArray, functionScope); worked like a charm! Nevertheless I tried this before tl.call(someFunction, paramsArray, functionScope, 0, 0); And it didn't Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_time' of null TimelineLite.min.js:14 d.insert TimelineLite.min.js:14 d.call TimelineLite.min.js:14 ANIMATIONS.appendCallBack Animations.js:131 STMACHINE.stopAtEnd.reversePlay StopAtEnd.js:55 STMACHINE.SliderStateMachine.doReversePlay SliderStateMachine.js:38 STMACHINE.stopAtEnd.slide StopAtEnd.js:71 STMACHINE.SliderStateMachine.doSlide SliderStateMachine.js:45 SLIDES.gotoSlide slides.js:137 SLIDES.on_Click slides.js:23 f.event.dispatch jquery-1.7.2.min.js:3 f.event.add.h.handle.i jquery-1.7.2.min.js:3 Just in case it'd be because a bug Anyway thanks again for the quick response
  2. I'm working on a slide show application in javascript and got all things separated on different files but more or less this is what i'm doing: var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.insert(TweenLite.to($('.container'), 0.5, {css:{marginLeft:'-=100px'}, ease:Power2.easeOut, delay:0.2})); tl.insert(TweenLite.to($('.container'), 0.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:0.7})); Afterwards I reverse the timeline and add a callback to the end of the reversed timeline with call() tl.reverse(); tl.call(someFunction); The animation plays reversed but the someFunction function never gets executed? Am i doing something wrong Thanks in advance