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  1. Rough Inspiration Pages in Terms of functionality: https://www.apple.com/de/iphone-13-pro/ https://www.drinkpoppi.com/products/raspberry-rose/ https://www.moooi.com/eu/beauty-blooms https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/ml-fairness-for-marketers/ Hi there! We're looking for a Developer for a Shopify Store with the following aspects:- Landingpage (page with GSAP animations showcasing different products) For this we would love to work with someone creative who is getting involve in the scrolling process so animations make sense- Shop (with 3-4 categories, but so far only 10 online Products)- Sign up Page E-Mail- Gearpage with affiliate links (overview of pictures that are linked to amazon; in best case sortable with filter)- Job page (Text only)- Imprint (Text only)WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A SOLE DESIGNERBy the end of the Project, the homepage should run smoothly on mobile, desktop, tablets and the purchase process should be working. (Sending out digital product after purchase)We do have a general mood board and example pages to instruct but would love for you to be collaborative, so we'll get the most satisfying outcome for both parties.Optional:Develop Brand Identity & LogoKindly message me with your most current work in Shopify Shops , and a landing page sample designed with GSAP.