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  1. and its not responsive can i use x: value to percentage in keyframe?
  2. Thx for answer, its working good on codepen so i mean its my version: https://codepen.io/kaba992/pen/MWQyyKe I have many questions: I am loocking for animation when i launch a pokeball pokemon will pop after: in my codepen its wonking so not smooth and the ball trajectoire is not a arc. Do you have way to improve it? Thx again for help and sry for my bad english 😞 Its not resposive open it on codepen The percentage values not working 😞
  3. Hey There :), Im trying to make animation to lunch my pokeball with keyframes so i got this error: Uncaught TypeError: x.forEach is not a function at new Tween (gsap.min.js:10:32168) at Timeline.to (gsap.min.js:10:20420) at app.js:8:8 dont have any idea, can help me plz? Thx
  4. Hi Jack Thx for thaking a time to read me :). I solve it you can close! Thx again and sorry to for non clarification.
  5. Hello, I am trying this code pen full page scroll, all working good so when i click on links i got This (look img joined) i have to try a lot of solution so nothing happened. Its that possible to use it with links? Thx for help :).