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  1. Sounds good. But It's better if It's free like other plugin..
  2. The above what I posted, is there any solution?
  3. Is there any alternative for using smooth scroller?
  4. So, We can not use free without club membership?
  5. This demo is only for club membership That is the error I can see.
  6. I can see locally It's not working. What should I do not for using it free?
  7. @Cassie Thanks for your kind response. is it ScrollSmoother free or paid?
  8. Hi, Hopefully you are all doing well. I have a problem with locomotive scroll. Here is the url : https://tensixteenbio.wpengine.com/ user: tensixteenbio pass: 610a89b4 My problem is when you click on any dropdown menu, then the new page will be broken means there is lot of white space uderneath the page. anchor links on locomotive scroll don't work as expected or when you click them from the header navigation.They seem to load on page refresh but not first click (content missing and other blank areas). example: https://watch.screencastify.com/v/OIJ2ofC7cOh10E0MYLEo Looking forward to hearing from your kind resposne. Thank you!
  9. Hi @Cassie Thanks, could you please take a look on that, there the last orange bg color does not update?
  10. @OSUblake I think orange bg color not showing which is last
  11. @OSUblake I think there is a problem, when second scroll the color does not change, still showing red bg color, can you take a look into that?
  12. @OSUblake you save my day. Lot of thanks.
  13. @OSUblake Ok, will try to add that too myself. what else If I need to add animtion to the text sliding effect, currently its straightforward without animation. Thank you!