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  1. Apologies for bringing up an old topic, but just want to point out to anyone else who finds this thread that this syntax: myTimeline.tweenTo("zoom1").duration(3); Doesn't work - the tween continues at the previous duration, even though the duration property reports back the changed value. You have to manually do it as was posted above: timeline.pause(); TweenMax.to(timeline, 2, {time:timeline.getLabelTime("zoom1"),ease:Quart.easeOut});
  2. That makes total sense, thank you so much for explaining that. The code you posted is hugely helpful as well, I had not even considered tweening the timeline... I think that will solve my current issue quite nicely. Cheers!
  3. From the TimelineMax FAQ I understand that Timelines can only appear in one parent Timeline at a time. I'm just curious what the reason for this is. In my current project It has the unfortunate consequence that any Timeline that uses a "shared" child Timeline will have to be cleared and remade every time it's played. Which is not a huge deal, I'm just curious more than anything. Thanks!