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  1. IT WORKS !! thanks a lot man, i tried it and it works, and what matters is now i unsterstand more the barba lifcycle! the next container should be cleared after the flip work is done... now i need to fix the zIndex of the img element, i want it to be on top of everything... thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone, I faced a problem using gsap Flip plugin, in the leavebarba hoook works fine, also when i leave the home page, but after a page transition from about page to home, something doesnt work properly, the item moves from the original container to a different postion from the desired container... i tried a lot of solutions, using barba global hooks, also the async await, i used the flip.fit and also the flip.to, and i read the answers in this forum about this topic, honestly nothing worked for me. here is a github link of the project: https://github.com/Ali-Dakoumi/Page-Transition-Gsap-Flip-Plugin you can see it live here : https://ali-dakoumi.github.io/Page-Transition-Gsap-Flip-Plugin/about.html the leaving home animation works fine, But after leaving the about page with a simple fade out animation, the problem is when i used a flip animation while entering home, it doesnt work... const leavingHome = (container) => { const state = Flip.getState(about); about.classList.add("bigimage"); return Flip.fit(about, ".fullscreen", { duration: 3, ease: Expo.easeInOut, absolute: true, clearProps: "all", }); }; barba.init({ debug: true, sync: true, transitions: [ { name: "from-home-transition", to: { namespace: ["about"], }, async leave({ current }) { const hometitle = document.querySelector(".hometitle"); const infos = document.querySelectorAll(".info"); const img = document.querySelector(".item > img"); const tl = gsap.timeline(); await tl.to(hometitle, 0.5, { opacity: 0 }).to( infos, 0.5, { opacity: 0, }, "-=0.5" ); await leavingHome(current.container); }, enter({ next }) { enterAnimation(next.container, 0); }, }, { name: "to-home-transition", to: { namespace: ["home"], }, async leave({ current }) { await leaveAnimationAbout(current.container); }, enter({ next }) { const fullscreen = document.querySelector(".fullscreen"); const item = document.querySelector(".item"); const img = document.querySelector(".img"); gsap.to(next.container, 0, { opacity: 1, }); const newstate = Flip.getState(img); (img.parentNode === item ? fullscreen : item).appendChild(img); Flip.to(newstate, { duration: 1, ease: "power1.inOut", delay: 1, absolute: true, }); }, }, ], });