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  1. Hello There, Greetings The required knowledge you are looking for I have an expertise understanding with good experience and like to discuss in detail about the project needs. Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. We can discuss further on Skype or by email. Look forward to hearing back from you. Email – krunal.cnc@gmail.com
  2. Hello ! I want to clone top 3 box(Top draggble1, Top draggble2, Top draggble3) randomly to the bottom random boxes.After clone to boxes it's move to inside black boxes both direction. How i can achieve this ?? thanks ! https://codepen.io/krunalfrontend/pen/RwMQoBX
  3. Hello ! I want to clone top 3 box(Top draggble1, Top draggble2, Top draggble3) randomly to the bottom random boxes.After clone to boxes it's move to inside black boxes both direction. How i can achieve this ?? thanks !
  4. https://watch.screencastify.com/v/GmGBrt3YSIEL2oxwdHKU Hello Cassie ! I need something like this. I am not sure if gsap draggble provide this type of functionality. Is this any way to create something like reference video. If yes than send some minimal demo. I check with your documention I can't find any related about functionality.
  5. Hello Cassie ! Thankyou for quick replay. No i am lokking for draggble validation. Something like user can srop only specific are as per color box on upper screensort. Some of element user can srop enywhere in the box but red product only drop on specific area on grid. How we can manage multiple drop div using gsap draggble ?? I can't find in doc or codepen demo something like this. Thank you
  6. Hello ! I am using Draggable plugin for drag component with cloneing element. cloneing are working on my version. But is there any way to drag elelemnt to specific box/class(multiple class)/custome box. Like screensort red drag box only drag on bottom row (marked red border). and green will drag in green border full wrapper(with red area too). If in the box already have exits element that will not aapend inside that.
  7. Hello @gsap forum ! Can we make 3D images panorama effect using gsap.I want to img and text effect like this https://www.granyon.com/ reference site using gsap. In reference site they use three.js but can we make similar animation using gsap and scrolltrigger. thanks
  8. How i can Scrolltrigger with multiple lottie animation or i can manage lotties json layer using scrolltrigger. https://www.loom.com/share/120d792b069a46b1b77fdd42a59161a6
  9. Hello @OSUblake, Thank you for your help. Is there any way to flip slowely (like animation) flip the card like bottom demo (For now it's flip on hover). https://codepen.io/ananyaneogi/pen/Ezmyeb Can we need to flip the card without using 3d object ?? with use of scrollmagic and may be tweenmax. thanks for help ;
  10. <div class="card"> <div class="face front"> front img </div> <div class="face back"> Bck img </div> </div> How i can change front and back face ? For right now square box are inside the svg. For now it's svg elment <rect id="point" x="270" y="-5" width="30" height="30" fill="beige" /> But we want to use DIV format there. There are any posibility or similar demo. thanks
  11. Hello @all, https://codepen.io/krunalfrontend/pen/PoEEbKm Here are minimal demo. I want to fixed card after motion path and mobile img change and scroll to bottom. Is there any way to make fix element of two different scrolltrigger element.
  12. Hello @GreenSock community, There are two issue i am facing in scrolltrigger animation. 1) In codepen link you can see the full page site. I need on scroll flip animation. <div class="card"> <div class="face front"> QR img </div> <div class="face back"> normal img </div> </div> on scroll first front section visible. After amount of scroll front will change to back face img. After scroll to next section (IDC FEATURES) it's move to back img. Bottom attact img are backface img. 2) Back face images are visible on bottom of section. It's jump to bottom as per screensort. If you scroll to bottom you can see it's jump to bottom. Is there any solution to fix this images movement. After animation section scroll to bottom. thanks !
  13. Hello @mikel and @OSUblake, Here are minimal demo. https://codepen.io/krunalfrontend/full/PoEEbKm After complted motion path card will say with mobile. But it's scroll to top and hide. I need that card sticky for next animation. thanks !
  14. Hey @mikel, Thanks for replay. But still i am facing issue with motionsvg. How i can stop in middle of motion path. .to('#point', {fill: 'red', scale: 1.5, duration:0.04, repeat: 1, yoyo: true}, 0.3) Like your codepen instance of red i want to stop motion svg for a moment and start new scrolltrigger of change mobile image. After that It's start again motion animation. I did't find any way to stop motionsvg path animation in doc. There are any other way to do this animation ?? Here are codepen minimal demo. https://codepen.io/krunalfrontend/pen/qBpPJxa And card moving too fast in middle of path becuase path are verticle. thanks @mikel for your time,
  15. Hello @Trapti I know code are messy in codepen becuase i am testing there. Can you please help to connect(pin) card and mobile. For now i can't able to stop card when mobile screen appears. Just give me rough flow/demo/reference that could be great. thanks
  16. Hello @Trapti Thanks for your guidelines. It's help me a lot. https://codepen.io/krunalfrontend/details/YzYxNVB Here i am facing issue with pin to card. I don't know how i can pin card and change mobile img. And after that card move to motion path. I check gsap documention but i did't find yet. Thanks in advances
  17. Hello @all, I want to scroll card animation. When "How it works " section appear card will stop that position and mobile imag change 2 times. After more scroll it's back to next path. All this animation are in perfome in center of screen. For currently codepen demo it's hide on page scroll. Bassiclly two path with middle one stop animation. As GSAP motion svg it's continuously moving. thanks