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  1. Here you go https://codepen.io/Imperyum/pen/dydWBBZ
  2. Hi, I created animation and translation in my locahost and now I've transfered my files on a wordpress website and I've import all the same librairies. One of the translation that I've created is not working properly. Here is the code: const hp360 = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".hp-360", start: "35% 70%", end: "35% 70%", scrub: true, markers: true } }); hp360.from(".hp-360-text", { yPercent: 25, duration: 0.4 }) hp360.from("#hp-360-desc", { yPercent: -100, duration: 0.2 }) What it should look like at the end of the translation: This is what the animation should do: I found that the property transform: translate(0, -125px) is not supposed to be there. If I want to my translation to work, I would need to have transform: translate(0). Thanks
  3. I want to change my variable color but each time, it automaticly add "px" at the end of my HEX color code.
  4. Hi, How can I select :after and :before pseudo-element without the CSSRulesPlugin? This plugin have been deprecated not long ago. Can anyone provide me an example? Thanks