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  1. @Hammaad-mi wish to know, have you installed gsap locally as a dependency in your project or you are pulling from the cdn, another source of error might be that your gsap instance is not properly setup because i have run your code on my local machine and it works after some minor adjustments. recomendations: - Verify that you have gsap installed on your local system or if you are using a cdn, verify that your network is okay. -Verify your gsap instance - make sure your react and react-dom versions are : "react": "^18.1.0", "react-dom": "^18.1.0",
  2. Good day everyone, please you all should bear with me on this one, am still a gsap newbie. i have multiple animations going on some simultaneously on my onboarding page, but i noticed it places alot of load on my pc. currently i stop some objects from animting by setting their opacity to zero which i think doesnt stop the animation in the background. so please how do i stop an aniamtion especially when its done.